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Volunteer Opportunities

Why should you consider spending part of your gardening life at Finlandia Gardens?

We have many opportunities for you to practice the skills you have, and the new skills you will learn by becoming a Finlandia Garden Associate.

Finlandia Gardens offers one of the broadest opportunities for gardeners of all talents. We have more than a hundred areas of interest, including a woodshop, extensive natural areas, and community vegetable gardens.

Gardeners have the opportunity to trim, compost, design, promote, confer and learn from speakers and consultants. You can practice digital photography and develop presentations, slide shows and movies of the gardens. You can design experiments and develop programs for students and the community at large.

Finlandia Gardens volunteers
Finlandia Gardens volunteers

A Finlandia Gardens volunteerYou have the opportunity to specialize in those areas which you enjoy the most. We are a canvas on which you can extend your interests and abilities.

What we would really like is to have you visit us and see what we have to offer. Although not required, membership in the Finnish Center is available to any person of good character for a nominal fee.

As a garden club at the borders of Wayne and Oakland counties, we are easily accessible for gardeners in southeastern Michigan. Feel free to come to Monday morning meetings at 9 a.m., followed by a midmorning break and socializing.

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