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Finlandia Gardens: A Few Points of Interest

Presentation Garden. Various shrubs and flowering perennials with the presentation sign for Finlandia Gardens.

Gardens at the Sign. Perennials, rock gardens and Bradford pears.

Rain Garden. This garden, with native plants, collects rainwater through absorption, then releases it through evaporation.

Stone Path Gardens. These gardens, found on both sides of the south end of the winding stone path, contain a variety of shrubs and perennials.

Perennial/Circle Gardens. These gardens have mixed perennials, sunloving shrubs, sculpture, paths and benches.

Gathering Garden. A large wooded garden of wildflowers, hosta, and flowering shrubs with a table and seating.

Wedding Gardens. Have you ever thought of having a wedding in a garden, a beautiful garden adorned with angels and lovely flowers? The Wedding Gardens of the Finnish Center offer an opportunity for a wedding experience you will never forget. Renewing vows, celebrating a birthday, or memorializing a loved one with a remembrance service can provide memories that can last a lifetime.
Wedding Garden Wedding Garden
Cantelope in the greenhouse
Cantelope in the greenhouse

Garden at Honko Rock. Strawberries, peonies, roses, and mums adorn this area.

Garden at the Arbor. Hydrangea, lilies, tree rose, and perennials comprise this rectangular garden along the sidewalk in front of the lounge.

Garden at the Building. This L-shaped garden features a Weeping Japanese Maple with numerous perennials, natives, and evergreens.

Hosta Garden. This north garden receives roof rainwater and is planted in hostas, strawberries, groundcover, natives, lilies, and perennials.

Swale Garden. This rainwater collecting area runs along the parking lot from south to north and has a plethora of native flora. Excess rainwater runs to the Retention Wetland.

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