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Finlandia Gardens

A Celebration of Finnish Gold

Finnish gold.
Golden memories of families and friends
blending together in remembrance and reminiscence.
Success in sustaining the cultural legacy of our loved ones. Unique customs and traditions collected in a location of dedication.
Fifty years of golden achievement with contrasts of difference. Sustaining and maintaining during loss and waning.
Building forward through trial and struggle toward cultural fulfillment.
Fifty years of Finnish attainment.
Fifty years of Finnish gold.

by David Hyry Sharpe

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Getting married?

wedding at Finlandia Gardens Have your wedding in the beautiful setting offered by the Finlandia Wedding Gardens. Your wedding photos will be memorable! Contact Landscape Coordinator David Sharpe at 248-477-5709 or email him at dcs37mgsc@earthlink.net for more information.

We are certified as an Urban Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

Our Garden Associates include Master Gardeners as well as others with knowledge about Finlandia Gardens. All of our funding comes from the FCA, Garden Associates, visitors and friends.

We would be delighted to have you become a Garden Associate. We offer garden activities at all levels of ability and involvement. In addition, we have a woodshop and vegetable gardens available.

Finlandia Gardens

Keep Michigan Beautiful President's Award

Spring in Finlandia Gardens

How often have we said that each season in Michigan is like none we have ever seen before. It seems this feeling has been expressed regularly during the last few years. Is it climate change, faulty memories, or just the usual weather anomalies in Michigan. It is amazing that so many of our plants adjust to the differences in temperature and moisture and come through for us with stunning regularity each spring.

Finlandia Gardens has come alive again with early spring flowers appearing in February, bulbs in March, and the usual stunning beauty of flowering shrubs and trees announcing another season of beauty in April and May. Spring sounds of songbirds and ducks and geese passing overhead add to our heightened vernal experiences. Additionally, the building of nests occurring in our birdhouses, or in trees and shrubs, are often unseen until the leaves disappear in autumn.

Additional Finlandia Gardens plans this year include outdoor weddings and parties, tours of our center, the addition of new flora, and the arrival of new garden associates. All will add to renewed enthusiasm for this garden year. We invite you to become a part of this opportunity and celebration of our gardens at the Finnish Center.

We have recently been selected to provide gardening volunteer opportunities for the MSU Master Gardener program. We look forward to meeting these new volunteers and providing additional gardening experiences as they complete their Master Gardener program.

You may wish to check us out at finishcenter.com Come by on Monday mornings for a tour and to see what we are about. Our garden club meets from 9AM until Noon. Our gardens are open from dawn until dusk. The Finnish Center is open on MWF from 10 AM until 4PM. Visit our gift shop for a myriad of gifts and tasty treats. And did you know that,

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. ~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

Finlandia Gardens

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Finlandia Gardens

Finlandia Gardens

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