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Finlandia Gardens: A Brief History

Finlandia Gardens began as a concept after FCA member David Sharpe took the Master Gardener Course through Michigan State University in the fall of 2003. He organized the FCA Garden Club as a project.

Six acres of land on which to garden was an opportunity in which a small number of FCA members and friends saw great potential. As interest grew, the FCA Board of Trustees began supporting the development of the gardens. A landscape architect was hired and plans were drawn for the front of the property. Water issues were improved, a garage was removed, new paving was installed, garden areas were added, and Finlandia Gardens became a reality.

Finlandia Garden development is continuing only due to the donations of the FCA, local businesses, and friends.

Finlandia Gardens

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Today we have more than 100 areas of interest, including over sixty gardens maintained by a dedicated crew of members and friends of the FCA.

During the last few years we have been recognized with awards for beautification, the environment, and volunteerism by the City of Farmington Hills, the Rouge River Advisory Committee, and the Keep Michigan Beautiful Organization. We participate in the Eight Mile Road Beautification Program and are certified as an Urban Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

We have received numerous awards for beautification and the environment since our inception. These include Beautification and Volunteerism Awards from the City of Farmington Hills. In addition, the Keep Michigan Beautiful organization has honored us with the President's Award for Community Gardens, their premier designation.

Our fundraising project for this year has been the construction of birdhouses, birdfeeders and other garden accents. Our Finlandia Seeds, at a nominal donation, are harvested in our gardens. If you are interested in any of our items, please contact us.

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