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Finlandia Gardens


In our youth,
We had the sense,
To ask our elders
For the truths they have to tell,
To listen
To the fading voices
Of our heritage,
through experience,
Have learned
The basis of our lives,
But, no,
In our youth
We rush ahead
To gain our place among the throng.
And then,
Too late,
We feel the loss,
A holocaust of disconnect.

by David Sharpe

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Getting married?

wedding at Finlandia Gardens Have your wedding in the beautiful setting offered by the Finlandia Wedding Gardens. Your wedding photos will be memorable! Contact Landscape Coordinator David Sharpe at 248-477-5709 or email him at dcs37mgsc@earthlink.net for more information.

We are certified as an Urban Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

Our Garden Associates include Master Gardeners as well as others with knowledge about Finlandia Gardens. All of our funding comes from the FCA, Garden Associates, visitors and friends.

We would be delighted to have you become a Garden Associate. We offer garden activities at all levels of ability and involvement. In addition, we have a woodshop and vegetable gardens available.

Finlandia Gardens

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Finlandia Gardens

Summer Thoughts on the Gardens

This year we are presented with a summer season of unexpected challenges. Spring brought an unusual amount of rain and many plants struggled with too much of a good thing. Summer arrived and our gardens are experiencing a season of drought. Fortunately, we have been able to provide sufficient moisture to keep the gardens beautiful.

One situation we have at Finlandia Gardens is that many plant varieties have come to us without invitation. These plants are often called weeds in smaller home gardens of limited space. Our extensive landscape at the Finnish Center allows for the presentation of numerous native varieties which bloom throughout the growing season and provide natural beauty which is seldom seen in home gardens. Each year we find new varieties adding interest to the landscape. Many of these serve as host plants for insects and butterflies. Our responsibility has become to remove excess plants in order to provide a balance among the usual perennials and the native and natural varieties.

We hope you will come by to acquaint yourself with some plants you may not have seen before. Our gardens are open from dawn to dusk and your visit is eagerly awaited.

Finlandia Gardens

Speaker available

Are you in charge of getting speakers for your garden club, women's or men's or seniors' club? Would you like someone who is both entertaing and enlightening? Presentations on topics of interest to gardeners (or would- be gardeners!) are available. For more information Contact David Sharpe at dcs37mgsc@earthlink.net or (248)977-1337.

Please support these friends of Finlandia Gardens:

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Finlandia Gardens

Keep Michigan Beautiful President's Award

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